Many Persons do not know even that there is blemish in their credit file. They move from one bank/lender to another bank/lender. Tthey visit, the more marks are made into their credit file. They get refusal from most of them. They think that they cannot get finance from anywhere and they land into problems like loss of home, other assets and become insolvent.

Everyone can have financial problems due to following reasons:

  • Downturn into business.
  • Loss of Job.
  • Sickness.
  • Divorce  and family separation.
  • Loss of earning  member.
  • Overlooking the payments.
  • Being overseas.

They cannot meet their credit card, rental or home repayments.

When they appoach to us, we decipher their credit file. They get surprised even as to how they could have defaults even when they had paid the bills or the bills were under dispute. By this time, they learn the lesson for non payment of bills and realise as to how important it is to keep up the payments. In many cases, we saved them from from loosing their home or becoming bankrupt provided they have contacted us immediately as soon as they came to know of not keeping up repayments.

We assist such persons even by providing them short term finance till we find them for long term solutions for them. We can also assist to arrange removal of credit default into their credit file, in many cases. 

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